What’s New in StoryMaps (August 2023)

Can you believe that summer is almost over? We hope you’ve spent the last few months full of fun, family, and relaxation. As you start thinking of what new stories to tell, we’ve added exciting new features to help you out.

With this latest update, we’ve added the new Table block to organize your content, added an option to fit inline images, and updated the My Feed page with a Latest tab. Explore these new updates to help you create beautiful stories and collections more easily, and get inspiration from others:

Table block

You can now neatly organize data in a table or categorize information to help support your stories. No need to create your own infographic and upload an image. Create simple gridded tables with the new table block in beta.

To add the table block, you can find it in the block palette, under basic blocks.

It starts you off with a 3×3 grid. The top row will serve as a heading row by default where you can label each column. Feel free to change the text in your boxes to whatever style you’d like. You can bold, italicize, change color or make text a hyperlink.

To add or remove rows or columns, simply click the three dots on the left or top of your table. You can add up to ten rows and eight columns.

Fit Inline Images

Images with a large vertical extent no longer require scrolling to see the full image.

Under image options, select the “fit to screen” checkbox.

Now your image is constrained to appear entirely visible in any screen or window it’s being viewed in!

My Feed Page Updates

In June 2023, we added the My Feed page and we hope you’ve been having fun exploring the impressive stories our community is telling!

We’ve now added a Latest tab so you can browse the most recent publicly published stories.

Thanks again for telling your stories with StoryMaps. We’re excited to see what memories you made this summer and how you’ll bring out the human element through your personal stories.

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