What can you make with StoryMaps?

StoryMaps is a flexible storytelling tool that allows you to create engaging digital content on topics you’re passionate about. 

There are three things you can make with StoryMaps: a story, a collection, and a theme.


A story is the main piece of content you’re going to make. In your story, you can creatively combine your text, images, videos, and maps to capture a memory as a personal journal, or to share your experiences and thoughts with others. A story can be any length you like and on any topic you choose.


A collection is a way to combine your content in one place under one URL to make it easier to share with others. You can make a collection of stories – which can work like chapters in a book – or you can combine different assets, like PDFs, images, web pages and more. You can click on the image, and it takes you directly to the asset.


A theme is the way you can customize the look of your stories and collections. There are pre-built themes in the story builder, or you can make your own theme with fonts, colors and more, to really reflect your story.

Getting started

A great way to get started with StoryMaps is to make a story and then add a custom theme. When you have a couple of stories completed, bring them together and make a collection. You can try them out yourself on StoryMaps.com.

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